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Mississauga Chiropractor:
Dr. Mark Tomlin


Celebrating over 3 million dollars raised for children’s charities in third world nations through Chiropractors with Compassion.

  • Dr. Mark Tomlin D.C
    Dr. Mark Tomlin

    I envision a world of optimum health and human potential. Our mission is to serve as many people as possible with the highest quality of chiropractic care so that they can live a long and healthy life free from drugs and surgery. I am truly amazed by the power that is in each one of us and how health can be restored once that power is released through the chiropractic adjustment. I see patients from new born babies to seniors, athletes and non-athletes who just want to be healthy, more active, live longer and be more fully alive.

  • Churchill Chiropractic

    Hello! My name is Cecilia Ling and I started working here October of 2022. My favorite thing about our office is our patients! Our staff is like a family and we like to make our patients feel the same way- warm and welcoming! Outside of work I enjoy a variety of activities which include the gym, travelling and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your health journey. 

  • Churchill Chiropractic

    Hello, I'm Dede Obioru and I started working here June of 2023. I've always been an abstract thinker and a self-learner. I took that passion into Biomedical science which focuses on research. That research skill makes me an inquisitive person and chiropractic care attracted my interest. The holistic way chiropractic care helps the body is incredible. Our patients are one in a million and have happy spirits. This makes work exciting and hospitable.  Outside of work, I enjoy creativity, games, food and mindfulness. 

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